Play the raindrops,
shower in the rain.
Feel the strongest wind,
keep watching the swaying trees.

Look up! Chase the moon,
gaze that bright stars.
Meet every sunshine,
climb the highest hill,
kiss the sun.

Enjoy the seasons of life.


I stand in front of you,
Amazed, wondered, dreamed,
Scenes were viewed.

Days passed by…
Obstacles triggered
Situations changed.

I stand in front of you,
Confused, wandered, reflected,
Cloudy, blurry.

Where are you self?
Don’t ever let me lose sight of the real you!


We all have that unique platform,
Freely, merrily we moved.
Some days we dance, we performed.
Other days we stare,

dreaming to own the whole stage…
Real, imaginary, magical!
We all have that curvy bumpy roads,
That misty stormy days will be over…
And you’ll get there!
Into that golden magnificent view
where fantasy becomes reality.

Earth Angels

Some angels are here on earth

living among us in an ordinary way,

to love us, guide us

and lift us up.

Be grateful when you meet yours.

They are heaven-sent

especially for you.

Lessons Through Pains

Yes, some days are really hard.

It is difficult.

It is tough and messy.

But when you look deeper.

These experiences

make us human.

It makes us brave.

It teaches us patience

and resilience.

It helps us learn.

Cry It Out

You can’t be strong

all the time.

It’s OK

to cry it out

when it’s heavy.

Detachment And Distance

And sometimes, you need

detachment and distance

to find your peace

and restore your sanity.

To be able to realize

Who are worth keeping

and who are worth letting go.


Don’t rush

into making


Let’s try

our best

to always

see good

in other people.

Fight Hard

For those days

you feel like giving up.

Fight hard!

Fight even harder!

New Day

It’s a new day!

A perfect moment

To start again

And make it better

This time.

Be Proud – You Can Do It

When you learn to face what frightens you, be proud!

It is an accomplishment.

Do not be deceived with hopeless thoughts and denials.

Be brave enough

to let go of what you cannot change and open

your eyes widely to realism.

It might not be easy but it is necessary.


both the sunny and rainy days are essential for a healthy growth.

Trust the process and have that high faith – you can do it!

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