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By default, copyright of all posts on WEQIP rests with individual contributors, unless otherwise agreed upon mutually in writing (usually via email). However, WEQIP’s editors can make changes to your posts such as language edits, changing titles/introductions or eliminating redundancies, to make your post more readable or visible to readers. Any changes that impact the meaning or argument significantly will however be discussed with the writer before publishing.

Also, WEQIP can use excerpts or all of your post in any of its promotions, or on other sites as part of its content sharing arrangements. WEQIP can also select certain posts for its bimonthly digital magazine WE MAG along with the author details.

WEQIP reserves the right to reject specific posts that do not meet our writing quality requirements, or other guidelines. Submission guidelines are provided in detail to you on our website.

By submitting your post on WEQIP, you do not claim any remuneration.

We respect writers’ copyright and are particular about never featuring plagiarized work on the site. If any plagiarized content is submitted, the author may lose all rights to post on the site in the future, entirely at the discretion of WEQIP’s editors. Also, any liability arising out of any such act of plagiarism will solely rest with the author and WEQIP will not be held liable in any way.

Comment Policy

WEQIP is meant to be a friendly and inspiring place for people who are passionate about mental health. Keeping it this way also depends on the community that we build here. Therefore, we have a very simple commenting policy: If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it here!

To spell it out in greater detail, whether you are commenting on any post or participating in the forum or elsewhere:

  • No personal attacks.
  • Comments that denigrate or insult others will be removed by the moderator
  • Do not use offensive language against any caste, community, religious, national, racial or other group.
  • No abusive language in general.
  • No spam. Keep your comments related to the issue/topic at hand and do not use the site just as a promotional device.

Comments that violate these rules will be deleted by the moderator WITHOUT WARNING. Such commentors may also be banned from commenting on the site in future.

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