When you get lost in the dense woods and the sun has bid adieu,

When you trip onto the dead stones and the grey skies laugh at you,

When you have to silently wipe the dried blood from the cut you got last night,

When every precious tear you shed is soaked up by your ironed out clothes-

……………You want to just lie down there and be gone!

When you want to scream out loud but all you manage is a choked croak,

When the silent sounds of your sobs come echoing back many-fold,

When your dreams float up into a vacuum and lie deserted there,

When your hope slips out of your heart and sits frigid in the frost-

……………You want to just lie down there and be gone!

When the world calls you a failure and living is burdensome,

When even the shadows leave you cause they have a worthier cause,

When every step you take is loaded with tons of weight,

When every breath you take is spared by someone else-

……………You want to just lie down there and be gone!

Stop! Breathe!

Breathe in hard and with all your might,

It isn’t as bad while you are still alive,

Cause if you go, there wouldn’t be a way.

To know if you managed to nudge your pain away.

What good is it to do something,

You won’t even know was done to be gone,

For once you are gone you are really gone,

There won’t be any shape, there won’t be any form.

There’ll be no stories, no losses, no frowns,

No flowers to curse, no stones to kick,

No wretched humans to shoot and blame,

You still wouldn’t have won the game.

If nothing else, just live the life,

Adversity is what builds a strong fight,

Once you are gone you won’t even know,

That you died and did not want to survive.

The waters are blue, the sea is calm,

You can give it a go and try not to drown,

Blackness might be all that you see now,

But the sun does come up-every time it goes down.

While you are here, you still have the chance,

To make an effort and learn the dance.

For all you know, it might take a while-

But in the end, you will have won the fight!

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