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‘WE’ are so glad that you are on this page, because without YOU, WE are not possible. Here are few submission guidelines before you submit your first post.

  • Your submission piece can take the form of an article, photo essay, thought piece, listicle, poem, book review or an artwork.
  • The post should relate to mental health, behavioural wellness, emotional health, hope, inspiration, psychology, nutritional wellness, spirituality, mindfulness, happiness, parenting, love, self-development, personal growth.
  • Though we allow posts of all lengths, we appreciate if it is over 500 words (for some depth) and below 1500 words.
  • An article greater than 1500 words, may be split into two and submitted as two parts.
  • Poems and Artworks are the two categories where blog can be under 500 words.
  • You could choose multiple categories under which your blog may fall.
  • All posts are reviewed by our editorial team before publishing. We might make minor edits to them if needed.
  • You may add a Featured Image to your post. Please ensure that the image is not copyrighted and is labelled for reuse. We may change the featured image if we feel so.
  • Do not post blogs which are racist, discriminatory, biased, profane, disrespectful or of self-promotional nature.
  • We expect our community of contributors to not post plagiarized content.
  • Make your content original with short paragraphs, simple language and most importantly honest.
  • You can submit a prior published blog. A link (URL) of where the blog was earlier published should be given at the end of the post.
  • Please proofread your content to prevent typos and grammatical errors. This makes the publishing faster and easier. A blog which might need a lot of edits may be rejected.
  • Once the blog is published, we choose select ones to promote on our social media platforms. You may also share it across your social media profiles and tag WEQIP page while posting.

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