WE are ‘Equipping Wellness’ through this online platform WEQIP. It is dedicated to spreading awareness and discussing mental and emotional health as being integral to an individual’s wellbeing. Founded in the belief of growth; through this community, WE equip each other.

The mental health movement has gained some momentum, but there’s a long way to go. We are in this together and WE are here, for it is real. We strive to build a safe community, open to everyone, discussing what eludes polite conversations, something more than the weather. Let’s delve into the meaningfulness of our being, and beyond.

Art has been an ever-evolving medium of expression since times ageless. Illustrating experiences of life and yonder, it takes different forms; including that of painting, singing stories, spinning music and literature. WE are art, bringing words to life. Every one of us, every single life, matters. 

Here we are to build narratives and stories that drive us.


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