WE are a self-publishing contributor-led mental wellness digital platform.

This global digital platform is created for mental health and emotional wellness warriors – enabling them to tell their stories and share ideas around mental and behavioural health and emotional wellness.  

Our digital platform for sharing stories, ideas and insights is completely collaborative in nature and our stories are of people, by people, and most importantly for people. They are for those of us whose life is touched by emotional or behavioural health issue at any point in time in their life – a parent, a teacher, a manager, a child, an IT professional, an actor, a housewife, an HR executive, an artist, a friend to name a few.

We encourage experts, professionals, mental health warriors from various backgrounds to share their knowledge and experiences through this platform.

The ideas can take any form – art, essay, story, poem, interview, showcase, spotlight, or a straightforward article. The content becomes more enriched as we go along this collaborative journey.

If you feel you have a story in you, an idea which would help others, a great practice which is worth emulating, log on to the portal and share your insights with the world. If you are curious to know more please reach out to us.

We have three categories of digital publications:

  • WE BLOG: All the content submitted by our contributors or created by us, appears as WE BLOG.
  • WE MAG: WE MAG is a digital bimonthly magazine for emotional wellness. Certain top-quality, trending pieces from WE BLOG as well as new ones are selected and the magazine is designed as an e-magazine. All WE MAG pieces can also be accessed on the WE BLOG site.
  • WE FEATURE: WE are on regular look out for stories/ projects/ initiatives which inspire hope, resilience and positivity. These stories are covered and put together by our in-house team and these posts appear under the WE FEATURE category.

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