From Gandhi to Greta this world has come,

Whether humanity, cleanliness or even peace- any message only got understood by some.

So when it came to what my message to this world would be,

From every choice, I chose the one that meant the most to me.

I would tell the world about kindness, especially this week of the year

And how even a random smile can make someone cheer.

You don’t need to know the person to know

That’s there a battle been fought inside that they don’t want to show.

You don’t need their story to be kind but share a genuine smile,

And let them know that they weren’t alone all this while.

Give this world a small peak,

And know that kindness doesn’t make you naïve or weak.

Instead, it makes you feel something you wouldn’t have before,

It’ll make you feel that you are so much more.

A hug, message or even a smile

Can make someone feel they weren’t worthless all this while

There’s already enough hate going around,

So how much ever you can, with kindness make this world surround.

Be kind, because you can be

And that’s what this world needs to see.

It’ll make you feel happier I guarantee

Be kind, make this world feel a little free.

Be kind, because you can be.
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