Wine stained floors
Scattered glass shards
Dried blood drops
And echoes of screams and
squeals that send shivers
down my spine.

I’m twenty, I’ve grown inside out
Every day is new and so is my life
But my nights, I relive all my frights –
teary-eyed mom and
red eyed dad.

I have been locked out.
Locked behind a glass door,
Rewatching my past.
Locked in a mirror,
Staring down at those round
black eyes.
Yes I’m twenty and I’ve
But I’m also still nine and
searching for hope.

The key is in a pitch-black place
The key to the glass door
The key to the mirror
The key to my heart
And the key to my past.
Laying at the bottom of my
red ocean
Where –
No hands are long enough
And no breath is strong enough
To survive the depths of me.

There came a sudden gush of water,
It lashed and lashed against my heart
As if it were a rock at sea,
It surrounded and engulfed
my heart
Even the deepest darkest place.

It washed and cleansed,
A part of me I hadn’t touched
for long
A part of me I hadn’t seen or
And a part of me I was afraid
It turned that blackened
abandoned place
To one flowing again with
bright red waters.

At first, I didn’t recognize it
But then I knew
My heart was painted black in
the name of love,
Now, my heart stands
breathing and beating in love.

Marble floors
Glass windows
And dewdrops.
Screams and squeals of
children that warm my heart.
I’m twenty-five and I’ve
Life is different and love is


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