In this fast era, where things are passing so quickly, where people are really outgoing & socially active, an introvert finds it difficult to compete with this pace.

Everyone seems to be alien where surface relationships just drain emotional energy out of us. A constant battle of fitting in makes us feel uncomfortable in our own skin. People can contact us but they cannot connect with us. When social interactions are draining and sucking the energy out of us, then nature acts as a protective agent to our soul.

Nature has the potential to calm our monkey mind. When we introverts, start involving ourselves in experiencing nature,  we gradually start feeling full and come out of the emptiness. It becomes the only escape from the brutal reality. Following a minimalist lifestyle can be a game-changer for an introvert. It is truly said less is more. When we introverts start to live our own lives, in our own beautiful space, we can be so happy and peaceful.


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