Children with innocence are rare

Last I stood near one

It was me who was childish

Honored with my age I track my conscious

Of my sins shall I repent or shall I reveal

Unraveling the shells that I built,

Open your eyes to claudia and clive,

Sibling brewed with love

Love that is just more painful than any

Clive the eldest then came Claudia and then came Gordon

Their parents were indifferent but prompted eulogy for clive

Clive was given everything Claudia was promised

She frail as her institution, family and society failed her gender

Clive’s punch bruises her,

Her bruised when society fails clive

Gordon mere innocence watches this pain

Claudia’s blistering tears touches Gordon when she sings him to sleep

Clive promises a change and happiness returns

But keeps menacing a punch every time Claudia misbehaves

Years after Gordon enters school

He sees claudias everywhere

Once he gets cross, another Claudia is born

Gordon came to be alone.

Everyone shuts him away, doubting his fault

He walks past and mimes his friend’s behaviour

To learn social connection, learn how to behave

He learns from the best, his friends.

Changes the whole enchilada

Changes his past, present and future

But carries the weight of claudia’s tears everywhere he goes

He never hurt anyone never again

Never can Gordon change Cluaida’s doom.

Claudia always a captive in her body

A free spirt wronged, as she was born feminine

she was born with a cancer

That inches her into pain anytime she flies

Her cries unheard, unseen, she is unseen

No one ever saw Claudia as she left her cage and fled

Her free spirt remains hiding behind the walls of each home

To set the other Claudias free from their pain.

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