We all understand what is darkness . Darkness could be when you are alone and no one is with you when you really need someone to help you. Darkness could be any bad phase in your life. Darkness could be loss of job , loss of loved ones. Darkness could be anything which is not good with you.

But how many us are there who could only have a good sleep at night? How many us are there who  could only party at night? How many of us are there who work in  night? How many of us are there who gets peace in night? We all have something or other which we actually do in night!

Darkness in life is not bad. It’s how you enjoy it, how you utilize it! Best things or you come out best when you have gone through the darkness and ready to face sunshine. Darkness in life is just a metaphor for you to groom .

Few things you should do while going through bad times, though you will most of the times not feel like doing anything. But ask yourself ,is this your complete life?

Is this you want to be all the way along of your life ?

Life is about making choices. You might not be able to control circumstances but what you can control are your own thoughts.

What you may be doing right now is consistently not giving you results but have you ever tried to write down with every failure, what went wrong ? or What are your learnings from this?

When we practice this, there is a point we are not scared of anything because problems become opportunities for us and with every step we move forward we are stronger version of ourselves.

Every step will make you bolder , more confident and more you!

The only thing that can bring this change is the outlook towards darkness.

It’s rightly said ,”What we know is a drop , what we don’t know is an ocean”

Know yourself more, do your SWOT analysis very often. You are capable of doing anything, to deal with anything by simply changing your thought process.

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