This is not an appreciation post, just a very honest and raw expression of what it is like being a psychologist to me.

There was never a time when I doubted about being a psychologist since day one. This profession has its own charm not just for others but also for me as well. Psychology has helped me to grow, become self aware, patient, empathetic, accepting and most  importantly being kind to myself apart from helping my clients do the same, being a ray of hope for them, being someone they can trust and cry in front of.

But every profession has its associated pressure and responsibilities. As a psychologist, I too have the responsibility of not letting my belief to overpower the clients, responsibility not to misuse the position that you are at, responsibility not to forget self while being there for others, responsibility to manage empathy  and boundary, responsibility to value client emotions, vulnerabilities, money, time.

Not to forget, the profession comes with difficulties, I know the place I hold, what impact will my words, have on the client, the client’s problems stays back with me, the value of mental health in society is known to me, I know how much money I earn, I know how people come to me to share their vulnerabilities but also run away believing i can read them.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for my profession, the skills and experience that I have gained and will always continue to be a mental health advocate. As I always say to my clients that i am super proud of them as they prioritize themselves and reaching for help i hope for the world where mental health , therapy are not seen as a luxury but necessity.


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