It is now or never!

When the lockdown situation arose due to COVID-19, I bet most of us had no idea what to do with the free time available at our disposal. As human beings, we take time to adapt to changes around us. Some spare time is what most of us have been longing for. I would suggest treating this as a long-lasting holiday, where you have an opportunity to leverage your time by doing things you are good at and enjoy doing the most. Consider this the perfect time to discover your creative side. Consider this time as a break provided by nature itself for all of us to slow down and step aside from our ‘jam-packed’ daily routine.

Let us assume that there is no ‘right time’ or ‘wrong time’ to carry out a task. There is no right or wrong timing to do anything. It is all about understanding the gravity of the situation and working on it. We sometimes genuinely experience a shortage of time in our daily routine, I agree, but let us try not to use it as an excuse in the long run. When we admit that we don’t have enough time, we are only fooling ourselves. Once we accept this as an excuse, that we don’t get enough time to do things, trust me, even when we get ample time, we may end up delaying it. By that time our brain will have been trained in such a way, that we may feel ‘it is okay to delay things’.

A human brain is capable of generating wonderful ideas. When we delay tasks, it is not necessary that the same brilliant idea will strike again. So never miss an opportunity and make the most out of every situation. We all have the ability to manage our time well and plan our days ahead in advance. As I said, it is just a matter of understanding the gravity of the situation and realizing that if you truly wish to acquire something, then a shortage of time is just an excuse.

If I talk about the current situation of COVID-19 lockdown, I believe this can be the best time to finish our pending tasks or to do things which we like doing the most: whether it is spending time with the family, starting a hobby, or looking forward to a bit of relaxation. This can be the best time to detox our brains. So if not now, then when? We must all ask this question ourselves.

I agree that there are certain tasks, which require actions to be performed outdoors since everything is not achievable by staying indoors. Here, I would like to say that there is always planning involved before we take any action. Homework is required before we start to execute the task. We could definitely utilize the current time in hand and plan in advance so that once the situation gets back to normal, we won’t be wasting time in the planning bit. Make the best use of whatever you have in hand at the moment. Nobody can snatch away your time except you yourself if you come up with another excuse. Nowadays we all are self-sufficient in terms of facilities available to us. We have the internet, and we have phones. We have other basic amenities as well. It is just a matter of changing your mindset from ‘can’t do’ to ‘can do’. Try to lookout for an opportunity in every crisis, each time you face it. There is always some positive aspect hidden in the worst situations. As they say, ‘see good in everything, likewise see an opportunity in every crisis. The limit exists only in our minds, whether it is in terms of ‘time’ or ‘capability’. Learning is a never-ending process. Always keep a lookout for how to utilize the time at your disposal in the best possible manner.

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