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There are two ways you can spend your time – the first is working and the second is relaxing.

One of the things that haven’t been paid attention to by people is relaxing. How to relax? Read and get to know the answer!

 1. Bite a bit of chocolate

chopped chocolate

Chocolate comes along with not just relaxation, but many other benefits like decreasing anxiety and depression. Read more in my article Chocolate – A Delicacy For Mind.

2. Say the alphabet backwards

alphabet Scrabble tyiles

What? It might sound crazy, but saying the alphabet backwards is satisfying. Counting numbers invertedly works in the same way.

3. Take some time to meditate

woman taking selfie

Meditate and be in touch with yourself. Relax. Meditating will be helpful to decrease stress.

4. Smell those flowers

white and pink flowering plant

Take your time and smell your favourite flowers. Keep a few near, and take in that smell.

5. Write in that journal

Today I am Grateful book

Really. Express your feelings. You’ll feel a lot better after writing in your journal.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this article and used these tips to relax.

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