Here are the four pillars or thumb rules of self-care, which are essential to attaining a healthy lifestyle. 

  1. Mental care: Meditation and breathing exercises boost the energy of our mind and body. Our gut health and mental health are interconnected and to improve mental health we should work on gut health first. To achieve that include prebiotic and probiotic food in your regular diet which improves gut flora and boost immunity and nutrition absorption. 
  2. Physical care: A balanced diet loaded with all the nutrients increases immunity. Try to include fresh food, more vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, micro and macronutrients in your diet and cut all types of processed food. Focus on digestion, try to fix body inflammations and add detox techniques. Moreover, fix the timings of meals and try to follow regularly. Most importantly, eat mindfully not emotionally! Also, include daily exercise, walking or jogging and a workout in your routine. 
  3. Sleep and resting: A good laugh and good sleep are the best cures in a doctor’s book. Sleep is important because it enables the body to repair and heal and prepare it for a new day. Getting adequate rest may also help prevent heart diseases and anxiety. 
  4. Water ( Hydration): Stay well hydrated by drinking enough water and it regulates body temperature, prevents infections, and delivers nutrition to cells. Being well hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition and mood.

As per studies, spending two hours a week in nature may promote mental and physical wellbeing. It improves senses of sight, sound and smell, taste and touch. So stay well connected with nature’s elements and try to get energy from it.

These simple and effective ways are stepping stones towards self-care. 


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