So, HI!

I am going to start off by asking one question,

What is that one thing you love to do the most?”

Answer this to yourself. Take your time, think a little deeper. What is that one thing you love to do the most, when you feel like you are being you and when you are genuinely happy.

See, it could be anything. It could be some sport, or some activity, or maybe spending time with someone in particular, some place, etc. etc. It can be anything. Since the time you were a kid till today, what is that one thing you’ve always loved to do?

Thought about it? Now keep that answer stuck in your head and read ahead.

How often do you get time to do that thing? How often are you able to take out time from your lives to do something you love? When was the last time you actually did something that you loved to do and felt complete?

If you have to think about those answers, if you have to think when was the last time you did something you loved then you know where you are at.

We all get so busy with our lives that now we fill ourselves up with excuses for not getting time.

You know what this is all about. All I want you to do is, take out time for yourself once in a while.

Yeah, I agree that we get caught up with the chaos of our lives, that we are so busy doing everything else that we don’t have time to go back to something we have always loved to do.

All I am trying to say is that, don’t lose your Identity. Don’t lose out on something that you are made of. Don’t get so knotted up that you forget where you are while loosening up the knots.

And it’s not hard. Might be a little while you are starting over again but tell me honestly,

How hard is it to get out some time to do something you love?

I won’t go any longer. Just, take out some time, yeah?

Trust me, you might lose out on a few things while trying to do something you love but you won’t regret it. It’ll be worth.

So go out today. Make up your mind. Take out some time.

Meet up your old friends whom you’ve loved to spend time with, tie your laces and go play your favourite sport, lose out on your time doing something you love.

Because in the end, you are what matters.

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