If a girl is close with a boy it doesn’t mean he is her boyfriend it can also mean they are best friends, it can also mean they are sister and brother, it can also mean they are colleagues. But in this society when a girl is close to a guy it is always seen as an affair. Why?

Girls are no less to boys in any field.

A girl is capable of protecting her body, she’s capable of taking care of herself, her family, her younger sister or brother, her friends. Indeed she’s capable of taking care of everyone around her.

When a girl steps outside alone there are many eyes watching her, judging her, questioning her – about her dress, about her hair colour,  about her figure. Why can’t the society stop judging or questioning a girl who likes to live a life that she’s loves or she wants?

Why can’t a girl choose? 

A girl can’t choose what dress she can wear, a girl can’t choose to which course she can apply to, a girl can’t choose which city she can study in, a girl can’t choose her life partner, a girl can’t choose what she likes.But why?

She’s is no way inferior to a boy, shes strong, she’s capable, she’s is worth of respect, and she deserves what she wants. And she deserves the best.

It’s  21st century and it is high time society changes its perspective…

A woman never gives up 

A women gives birth to another human being which is the most painful process, but she never gives up.

A women does all the household work, takes care of her children, takes care of the house, she sacrifices her own joys and likes in the process. A women always wants her people to be happy no matter how bad she feels.

A women doesn’t need big presents and suprises. She will be more than happy if you just say I love you, or if you just say the dish you prepared is good. She leads a very simple life.

Don’t judge her, respect her

Don’t treat her bad, love her

Don’t discourage her, encourage her to pursue her dreams. 

Society always says when a boy does a bad thing it is not noticable and even though they notice it, it won’t have any effect on their life’s, but when a girl makes a mistake they say that it is easily noticable and it ruins her future and everything. Why? Why is it like this? Why are they not treated equally?

Why whatever a girl does is a matter of concern and why not whatever the boys do is not a matter of concern?

Stop treating women like kids.

Many psychology researchers prove that women are way mature than men and women are capable of bearing pain more than men do. When science proves that women are more stronger than men. Then why does this society treats women interior to men.

I thought we are living in 21st century, society is changing, people started to treat both men and women equally. But noo it’s not happening.


Stop judging women on what people say..

They are strong

They are capable

They are lovable

They are respectable

They are what they are! 

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