This written piece of the article revolves around a speech that Priyanka Chopra Jonas, an Indian artist, gave at ‘11th  Penguin Annual Lecture’ in New Delhi, on the theme “Breaking The Glass Ceiling: Chasing a Dream”.  She expressed her opinions on ‘12 rules of becoming the best version of you’. Moving down the lane, the writer tried to decode some of those rules that every ‘Queen’ or ‘King’ could follow, to become the best version of yourself.

1. Be greedy.

 Mrs Jonas asks everyone to be greedy and never settle on their dreams. She says that one should always desire to get more and more in their life; until and unless that desire is not illegal or it is not harming anyone, there is nothing wrong in wanting anything and everything for you. Therefore, be ambitious and chase your dreams the same way Tom chases Jerry. Don’t settle on someone else’s benchmarks. Create your own benchmark and break them at every attempt to explore your fullest potential.

2. Take risks.

Adding to her speech, she advises taking risks. Most probably, we don’t permit ourselves to think beyond our limits, think beyond our imagination, because we are very constrained towards change. We don’t want to leave our comfort zone. For everyone who fears failure and bound themselves in a rigid structure of society, they are advised to ‘Loosen up and let their dreams fly’.

The Greek philosopher said, ‘Change is the only constant’. An individual is never too old to explore something new and to learn something fresh. It is you and you only who is going to fight for your dreams, not anyone else. So, be fierce and bold while chasing your dreams. Instead of thinking ‘sky’s limit’, repeat in your mind that ‘sky is not the limit, it is just the beginning’. Life may or may not be ‘a bed of roses’, but each one of us has that ability to bear the wound of thorns.  If you want to cherish your dreams, then you should know how to embrace your failure.

So, take risks; take educated and calculated risks, and have the courage to execute your plans. If you succeed, you will celebrate the moment; and if you fail, you will learn a lesson, and this lesson will help you in avoiding mistakes for your upcoming achievement. If you fail, cry a little, because it is obvious that when you put your heart and mind in, you will feel shattered. But then, after your tears are over, get up and rush to your work again; as the only way to defeat failure is to make a comeback. So get up and move ahead, with experiences of past actions and expectations of future aspirations

3. Overcome the barriers in your career.

Nothing great in this world is going to come towards you on its own. You have to struggle first, to achieve them, and then, struggle all your life to have authority over them. In this race of achieving and owing, there will be hell a lot of barriers, which will come in your way, either to kill you or cure you. Whenever you are feeling low and thinking that this is the end of life, nothing good is going to happen from now, remember, ‘this is the turning point’, from here, you will either break your morale eternally, or you will make your life forever. So, make decisions judiciously. If they are wrong even, don’t regret it. Take accountability for your decisions and move forward.

4. There is only one you; no one is like you.

How you are in front of yourself is more important than how you are in front of this world! From you, what is meant are your core values, your conscience, your morale, your discipline and your ethics and at last, but not least, your flaws! Once you accept your flaws, no one can use them against you. Once you identify your weaknesses and welcome them, you will discover your fullest potential. Try to see your flaws from a perception of whole new light. Investigate your actions and plans and try to squeeze that one benefit that you face while troubleshooting your difficulties.

5. Always hunt for opportunities and just be ready to grab them. 

The most hilarious characteristic properties of opportunity are, they are timely and invisible. Everyone cannot see them; they are visible to those who possess extreme hunger for them. These opportunities don’t come frequently, but when they come, they are so furious that they don’t give us the time to think about whether we need them or not. And if they come in bunches, they will confuse which one to take and which one to ignore. Former Miss World says you need to grab every opportunity that comes in your way and make some insane connections to make the most of them.

6. You cannot give happiness to every person in this world.

There will be a section of people who will always be unhappy with your choices; they will never agree with your decisions. Whatever you do, how much you do, there will always be a consortium that will show a denial in whatever you say. For example, if you do something good and post it on your social media account, so that people get inspiration from you and follow the chain, there will be ninety per cent people who will acknowledge you and praise you; but that ten per cent will consider your act of good deed as a publicity stunt. Here, you need to express your gratitude for the former ninety per cent people who greeted and motivated you, and ignore those ten per cent ‘folks’. Remember, not everyone should get a place in your life; priority should be given to those, who support who and for whom you will take a stand. So, stop making everyone happy.

Laugh at your life; find a moment to appreciate yourself. We are human, not humanoid, who are programmed with already set algorithms. So stop having a serious attitude at every junction of life. It is good to take attention to every activity of your life, but adding a personal touch of humour sometimes will actually make life interesting. 

Therefore, accept your flaws, nurture your soul, train your mind and cherish your life.
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