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Purabi Mahapatro

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu popularized the Maha (Great) Mantra of “Hare Rama Hare Krishna”. When we visit any small or big local temples in the by lanes of Bengal and Odisha, the chants keep resonating from the walls of the temple. Many say it’s a way of popularizing the cult of Krishna, strengthening the bond of Hinduism! Then what about Sufi saints’ kawallis and carols in churches.

For me religion is a way of life, an eternal part of my being and my soul’s strength. Many people have different methods of expressing their religious feelings, but the end goal is always to connect to the inner being.

Not deviating from my EMOTIONAL DISCOVERY – in a recent bhajan gathering when I was in the midst of a work stressed life, I realized after the process that I got so involved in the chants, the Bhajans, the melodies and the tunes that it not only refreshed my mind but energized me with a shot of fresh recharge.

Can we all think about various lifestyles influenced by our religious beliefs? We can name it spiritualism instead of religion but definitely all religions preach one most important virtue of life. That is to let go things and concentrate on strengthening our inner self. It definitely is a process of detoxification of our thoughts and refurbishing of energy to take on daily life challenges.

On a lighter note, my mother in law says—”more than me, my daughter in laws have attended bhajans pooja gatherings”. These days the gatherings are ornamented with floral decorations, variety of traditional cuisines and themed dressing; but if we can take a step ahead and with all the physical readiness and mentally incorporate the process, it is definitely a better method of distressing than visiting a psychologist. In fact, all religious ways of prayer and practice are a way to motivate us towards positive thinking and overcoming failures. During earlier times all these practices strengthened bonds in communities, making evening gatherings fruitful. In today’s world we are busy and don’t feel the necessity of such religious practices of olden days but definitely we can rely on these practices to normalize our fast pace life.

Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna

Bells in temple! Distribution of prasad! Visit to nearby Dargah or singing carols in the church is not a practice out of fear but a practice to participate in positive thinking and to build pillars of positive beliefs in life.

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