Everything that workout, in the end, is not perfect but it is pretty much completed. As to prepare any food you know and keep certain ingredients in your mind that – “these are the ingredients that will be needed to make this particular food”.

Just in that way, there are ingredients in relationships to make it pretty much complete and keeps going.

Ingredients of a happy & healthy relationship
  • Communicate – Any relationship starts with communication. So why to build uncertainty just because there is no communication or you’ve drifted apart from your person? A healthy relationship is all about being vocal to each other. You should speak about something that makes you stress. Being silent about any habit or situation can arouse misleading in the mind of your partner. So, being silent should never be the option. In order to keep any relationship, you have to be vocal with your partner. Even if being vocal ends a relationship just know that the loss isn’t yours in the very first place and that relationship was never yours to keep.
  • Talk about good and bad habits – Every person has their own share of flaws and when you choose to be with someone you should choose to see their flaws as something beautiful and authentic. If you like something in them, appreciate it. If you don’t like something about them, tell them that it isn’t acceptable. If you cannot think of sharing good or bad happenings of your life then I don’t think that relationship should be worth keeping. Just talk, because talking or being vocal with each other will always make a healthy difference in a relationship.
  • Build Trust – Trust is the feeling of being secure. A healthy relationship is all about feeling secure about the relationship. So, in order to always keep your relationship working you should always maintain trust with them. To build trust in a relationship should be your first priority to have your person in your life.
  • Be honest – Being honest is all about being authentic and nobody wants to be with someone who cannot match their actions with their words. Also, if someone is loving you for your dishonesty which you’re showing to them just know you cannot make your relationship keep working. There will come a point of time when you will realize that being honest is easier and makes a healthy difference.
  • Be caring and loving – Every individual desires to be to loved or cared. I mean, it is a human tendency to feel affectionate. It makes you feel that you’re important and you have someone to whom you can always count onto. Showing your person that you care about them should never go of style.
  • Make time for one another – Spending some time off with your person sounds carefree. So, never forget to spare time for your partner. Eventually, you will realize how much that is needed to maintain your relationship
  • Leave the past – Every person comes with baggage with them and the baggage is their past. But leaving it as it is without opening it is all about the respect that you have to your present partner. You should know to be in present with them. Because a healthy relationship starts with being in present.
  • Having arguments should be normal – If you always want to find your way back to your partner then accept that arguments are a part of a relationship. Know that arguments form a healthy relationship. As to keep your relationship working you should always work to manage or minimize your arguments with your partner.
  • You won’t always be happy – Happiness comes in waves. Sometimes it can be overflowing or sometimes there isn’t any wave. Because there isn’t anything in the world that will satisfy you entirely or makes you happy every time or every day. In order to be happy or to maintain your inner peace, you should accept that happiness won’t always present there. If you are expecting that your partner should always keep you happy, then just know that it isn’t going to happen ever. Because to be happy or satisfied in a relationship, learn to be happy with yourself first. That’s how your partner will just add extra happiness.
  • Appreciate – Appreciating your partner or companion will make them think that there’s you who is constantly loving them even on their bad days. Appreciating their flaws will make them think that you love them despite it. As to keep and maintain the relationship which you have with your partner it is very essential to appreciate them. Consider appreciation as one of the ingredients of a healthy relationship.
  • Become best friends – Everything starts with being friends. The one who manages to become your best friend in life is the one whom you love and trust without any second thoughts or maybes. You know, they will always be there for you and you can always count onto them. So, why not that person be your love. After all, friendship makes everything easy in life. To love is to cherish it for life.

    And that’s the key to build a healthy and happy relationship in life as always manage to enjoy the spark within a relationship!

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