Maintaining relationships is very crucial in an individual’s life as it develops a sense of purpose, belongingness, etc., and above anything, a healthy relationship positively affects one’s psychological well-being. 


Apart from the relationships, we have shared in our school/college, work or family life, most of us are likely to consider a special relationship with those who we consider our soulmates where one feels loved, protected and respected. 


The Toxic Relationship 

Different cultures have different perceptions of maintaining a relationship with partners but what matters most is a healthy, friendly and trustworthy relationship, if so then you are good to go.


However, this may not be the case for many, some people engage in relationships for fame, flirt, want, sexual pleasure etc., which has a hidden enemy or destroyer called toxicity. 


Effects of Toxic Relationships 

Toxic relationship not only affects people physically and socially but also psychologically. Such relations cause partners to experience heartbrokenness, insecurity, anxiety, depression, be absent-minded which can also lead to developing suicidal thoughts. 


A US study released a sobering report of more than 45,000 suicide cases due to relationship problem between 1999 and 2016. Fortunately, many studies have been conducted that figured out the following possible strategies people can use either to overcome or fight toxic relationships. 


Dealing with Toxic Relationships 
  • Creating emotional distance and accepting the hard truth of the toxic relation being difficult to carry is important. This does/does not mean the situation will not get better. 
  •  Acceptance helps to nurse our emotions and anxiety leading us not to be a slave to miserable life but a master of making better and emotion-controlled decisions in all life aspects fostering one to live in the present and be futuristic.
  •  Stop assuming your worth is defined by your addiction to the relationship. It is not your fault if the other was blind to your worthiness. If you have your flaws, make sure you feel sorry for them rather than the other making you feel the same and take advantage of you being the cause for toxic. 
  •  Be courageous to speak the truth of the poisonous impact of the other that ruined the relationship and this is possible only when you trust and calm yourself rather than let your emotions speak and make judgements.
  •  The best way to heal oneself is by forgiving. It will seem hard to think of forgiving someone who hurts or makes you feel terrible, but the underlying secret is that it makes one feel peaceful, happier and be surprised to discover acceptance, truth and forgiving nature helps to positively overcome even the most terrible situations in life. 
  •  However, if you are confident about your love and relationship, then communication is the key to make the relationship toxic-free. Initiate the conversation and express your thoughts on why having this conversation will work out. Shine a light on his/her and your behaviour by explaining what sort of behaviour has what impact on the two of you. 
  •  Finally, clarify the blocks that stop the smooth relationship journey and decide the best possible way to kick off anything that hinders your happiness.

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