There was almost no chance

She were now in a trance

There was almost no luck left

All happiness taken away in theft.

There was no spark,

All she could see were dots of dark

Chaos and darkness laid out

Sadness hit her like a drought.

She had reached this far

But defeat was hitting her like a speeding car

She held her hands together

Entwined, she had to be there for her.

With cries of agony

She shouted out loud angrily

Sweat beads dropped down her face

Her mind had now became a maze

All that kept her going was hope

She held on to it like a rope

So what if it was a girl?

She was going to be even more precious than a pearl

Yes, she was about to give birth

But it seemed no one realized the worth

She still lived in that era

Where girl were compressed into a para

Having a girl was going to be a blessing

The joy was way too overwhelming

She kept fighting inside out

Hope kept her strong, without doubt

Then, came out the first cry

Nothing could be more melodious, even if you try

She left our whispers of happiness

It was the first shine, amidst the mess

‘Felicity’ she whispered to baby girl

Her tiny fingers, were wrapped in a curl

Oh! What a perfect name

She was now her very main.

The world’s a big place

Hope, will help you ace

Felicity was her mother’s hope

Pure joy was all in her scope.
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