“I regret having you as a child”

“You stole my youth away from me”

“You will never be good enough for anyone”.

Words hit deeper when they come from people who were supposed to love and protect us.

If poison were a person, it was her mother – Gina’s mother.

Even as a successful business consultant, her mother’s words still echoed in her ears.

“Gina, you are no good.
You are worthless”.

It was a constant battle for Gina as she tried hard to convince herself and her dead mother that she was worthy.

She kept fighting off those voices.
Buried herself working.

She banked on alcohol as she tried hard to numb her pain…

But nothing could fill the void she felt within.

The little girl in her craved her mother’s love.

Her heart ached some more

Her tears, uncontrollable.

She couldn’t understand one thing;

“why would a woman who was supposed to protect her, treat her like crap”.

📌 Your childhood experiences can still affect you even as an adult.
📌 Seek Help.

Photo credit: Ussama Asma


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