Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have. Retracing Sir Jim Rohn’s quotes where you find a deeper meaning of life. The satisfaction and the bliss that you experience in your life as you understand how important these small little things are in your life.

No matter what your generosity takes, it adds something to the world. Whether it makes someone’s day, smooths their path, or just makes them smile. It makes a huge difference in the life of people around you. You feel the joy that is so infectious. It’s not about the cost, it’s not about the expensive or fancy gifts that you exchange. It’s not something about what is bought and what is been spent. It’s the efforts and it’s the beautiful thought that you hold in your heart. Those good intentions make a difference.

Walking down the lanes of memories, they take me to the time when I find myself as my mum’s little princess with twinkling eyes full of joy wanting to surprise her on her birthday. With the minimalistic skills of arts and crafts tried my best to surprise her. Make her feel special. A lady who cares for all, who make sure that everyone is at ease. One who plays multiple roles sees her managing everything without a sigh. The innocence in me then wasn’t aware of the bliss that is rooted in the joy of giving but all I intended to see was her smile at the very little thing I do to make a difference and bring a smile and break the pattern of routine.

I would call myself an introvert with very few friends. I seem to have no friends during my school days. I had spent most of my good times with those significant adults who were a package of values, who cared and were guiding lamps. With time, inputs that I have received valuable guidelines, the timely encouragement, the support, and the boost of courage that was fed to me by them is something that can never be expressed in words.

The roller coaster ride of adolescence was filled with joy because of them. The faith and belief that they had in me helped me rise so high. The asset of love and joy which I received from my mum’s friends is something that can never be stolen nor could be replaced. I feel grateful to them. I wonder myself, I was the one who had the least peer interaction and would complain of having no age mates as friends. But when I realized the treasure that I received from my beloved aunt is something irreplaceable who is one of the closest friends of my mum.

Life takes turns. I received from her it was time for me to give her back. I believe I tried my best to be a support and made all possible things to make her smile when she had her rough time. When things weren’t smooth and when she was filled with worries. A quick visit to her place or a phone call. Taking an effort to find a recipe and cook for her. Accompany her to make a temple visit. What not? I tried my best to fill in the positivity.

We meet many individuals in our life. Few make a huge difference she is one among them whom I would remember every time.

Whatever I am today is because of my teacher, my Principal during my under graduation Mr. Nagraj Murthy. A practical man who was loved by all. His charisma as a teacher, mentor, or guide is something that could be never matched. I would call myself a privileged one to have found him as a teacher. His simplicity and humbleness always captured everyone’s attention. One who was bound by his duties and refused to take credit for the same. It’s something that could never be matched I would not be able to give back whatever I have received from him. Definitely would give it forward to my students. Trying my best and keeping my best foot forward to make a difference in their journey. I have started my baby steps in that direction.

I owe my gratitude to all significant individuals in my life who did tap my heart and mind. Who made me think, who made sure I head on the right path. I did receive from them. The joy of receiving is fresh within me even today.

Mark Victor once said  – “Discover the joy of giving, and you will discover the joy of living”. I experienced this when I happened to meet a lovely catholic couple in their 80s. The love was still in the air and met all the seven criteria of Seligman’s Love Triangle. However, the shades of blue were all over as this lovely aunty was suffering from Alzheimer’s, and that made people distance themselves from this happening couple. But the small little gestures mine did bring smiles to their faces. That’s the treasure that I own.

I would like to conclude by retracing a beautiful thought shared by Sir Frances Hodgson Burnett – “If nature has made you for a giver, your hands are born open and so is your heart; and though there may be times when your hands are empty, your heart is always full…”

Because what matters and what stays longer is not what you said but how you made them feel.


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    • August 27, 2022

      What a great piece of article! As you write, you put your whole heart into it. Best of luck for your upcoming articles.

    • August 27, 2022

      Very well articulated about the joy of giving and receiving, we should always be thankful of what we have and endure evenly. Best of luck for your upcoming article.

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