We never give up, we don’t
I know we are too young for all this uncertainty we have gone through or going through, yeah that s*%t sucks, it eats you up, it makes you go crazy, and whatnot.
But honey, trust me, it’s all worth it. It really does!
At this point,
We may cry
We may hate people
We may hate everything that life is throwing at us,
One day everything will make sense. It will. Never give up
What I understood is many people come and go in our lives, some peoplewill stay with us some people will leave, and yeh no one is permanent

Sometimes all you will be having is you, only you…….
You have to love yourself like no one
You have to pick yourself up
You gotta talk to yourself
You gotta take care of yourself like no one.
It’s all just a phase, will get through everything that life is throwing in our way.

But trust me, honey! Once you start loving yourself so much everything comes running to you. It will
Take care of yourself
Take care of your mind
Take care of your soul
Take care of your body
Take care of your skin…..
It all starts will self-love

Give no one a chance to discourage you, to body shame you, or talk ill about you. If they are doing it, don’t just sit there. Go tell them. 

And some people won’t get this whole concept of Mental health which is important
I just hope people won’t judge anyone on their insecurities, depression, anxiety, and self-esteem issues(if anyone is talking it out) all we can do is support them. And talk about what is running in your mind only to the people who won’t judge you for what you’re doing and the people you trust.

You are the strongest person you will ever meet. 


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