The New Year is yet to arrive and so we are ready with our new resolutions. The main motive of these new resolutions is to have a better understanding of life. The best way to become better is to start with small steps and try to have a better perception of your potential. Let’s move down the lane and discover some basic habits which can add a wise meaning to our life.

  1. Get up early and plan your day.

We all have learned this phrase from our childhood that ‘Early to bed and early to rise….’. By the passage of time, we have forgotten the root meaning of this statement. Sleeping late at night and correspondingly waking late in a hurry will create a hassle in your daily activities. The ancient books describe the best time to sleep as 09:00 PM to 04:00 AM. It is quite difficult to follow these timings in the new era of technological advancement. But at least, we can give a trial to the time slot of 11:00 PM to 06:00 AM. Initial days will be a bit difficult to adjust to new rules, but gradually the biological clock of the body will adjust itself.

Further, waking up early will give you time to schedule your things and act accordingly. Make a list of ‘to do’ things for every day, and try to stick to your timetable. This is again a lesson from the school days, which is going to help you in the future.

  1. Learn the art of generosity and gratitude.

Having a smile on your face and saying Thanks can make your mind feel calm and rejuvenate your thought process. So practice the art of expressing gratitude to everyone who helped you in any way. This habit will not only give you a sense of happiness but also pave the way towards a warm relationship between you and the other person. Secondly, be humble to everyone who passes your way. Remember weak is the person who shouts and derogates others. Being humble, gentle, and kind, even to the poorest is a symbol of wisdom and strength. So, inculcate a habit of speaking in a soft yet powerful manner. For the same, increase the weight of your words, not your voice.

  1. Prefer to become a leader and not the boss

Blessed is the person who, ever given a chance to represent a team as a boss, and has the right to make decisions; it is a proud moment. But making independent decisions without consulting the fellow teammates will create a hurdle in the process of development. Instead of giving orders, arrange a platform where everyone can express their ideas and opinions and take collective decisions of a particular situation. It will create a sense of trust and respect for you among your teammates, which will turn the situation in your favour. Therefore, appreciate everyone’s opinion and participate with your colleagues in every activity.

  1. Embrace your failure

Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. If you want to enjoy one, you have to tackle the other. Failure is an inescapable part of life. There are two ways to deal with failure; either don’t do something new or learn from your failure and move ahead towards success. The former is not a rational approach. If you are not trying to innovate something, you are downgrading yourself. So it is necessary to initiate in life and take the risk, along with the courage to take failure in arms. Therefore welcome your failure with the intent of converting it into success.

  1. Focus on solutions

Being positive is the innate character of any solution. If you focus on problems, you will not only find a series of problems but also get entangled in your insecurities. But when you concentrate on solutions, you will explore your potential, which will not only help you in finding the present hurdles’ cure but also will increase your spectrum of thoughts, which will further help you in having a proactive approach for future problems. Therefore, confuse your problem by finding a loop of solutions.

  1. Purpose over perfection

Perfection is a fantasy whose greed will take you away from reality. We can aspire to become perfect, but will never achieve it because being perfect is different for different people. You can never find the absolute definition of perfect. So, instead of doing things perfectly, try to execute them purposefully. When you uncover the literal purpose of the task, you will be able to reward yourself with a sense of perfection. Consequently, it will be easier for you to accomplish your activity.

  1. Re-evaluate your circle

Engaging yourself in a healthy surrounding is very essential to uncover your hidden strength. It is a key factor to achieve wider outcomes. Dealing with negative minded people will drag you towards demotivation. Therefore compete, compare, and surround yourself with those people who appreciate your success and teach you in your failure.

Constant self-improvement is the essence of a good life. It is the building block towards the making of lifestyle enhancement. We all want and need to upgrade, update, and enhance ourself, not only internally, but also eternally. All of us are blessed to become powerful and awesome in our way. The only thing we need to have a kick start and a move in the right direction. For the same, you don’t have to seek any advice from an expert. All the above tips mentioned above are the chapters of ‘Moral Science’ subject that we have studied in our school days. Just a revision of these daily habits will help you in getting a better version of yourself. There are many more parameters over which we need to work upon to make society a better place to live in, but the goal can be achieved when we start to change, beautify our perception and thoughts, and help each other by uplifting the souls. So, let’s move hands-on-hand and ameliorate ourselves.
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