Nobody is perfect is a surely a fact. But considering yourself perfect and letting your narcissism rule is a form of self destruction which should never be the option.

Your thoughts form your world is all about mental resilience. Being an overthinker, I myself admit that it takes a lot to have an ability to bounce back any from any adversity and adapt to challenging changes by rearranging your mindset.

Nobody can have a life without any sort of difficulty or uncertainty. But how you handles it is everything. There are people who choose to complain about the problems which are being faced by them. They aren’t ready to make changes but to blame the situation. Then, there can be people who overreact and faces frustration too but somehow they don’t blame the situation because in the first place they know that it’s okay to feel frustration or any sort of feeling they don’t want to feel but it’s never okay just to sit and complain about their difficult situation.

So, just in case you fall in the first category. I will highly recommend not to sit and relax rather do something. Push yourself mentally to overcome difficult situations.

To become more resilient you can do the following :-

  • Adopt a growth mindset – If you really want to overcome from present difficult situations then you have to accept the unaccepted and make changes.
  • Develop supportive relationships – Everyone wants to be supported. But first you need to develop that supportive relationship with yourself.
  • Ask for help – Many people think that asking for help is considered a sign of weakness. But I think if you ask for help you may learn something new that you never know it existed there before or you may achieve a positive outlook to overcoming any sort of difficulty.
  • Be optimistic – There are situations that can save you by just taking things in a positive manner. I personally believe that being optimistic your with life can gives you a required boost mentally to achieve or overcome from things which you an never achieve by taking things negatively.
  • Avoid self-pity – If you are thrown in a situation that you don’t know how to handle then give yourself some time. Don’t be hard on yourself. Rather than feeling pity about yourself try to look for solutions.
  • Focus on solutions – Most of the time we worry about the things that bothers us. We make scenarios in our head and accept things that doesn’t even exist. Because looking or focusing on solutions is way more difficult than accepting and creating those scenarios. So, focus on solution. Challenge your mind to see good in every situation.
  • Manage your feelings with healthy self-expression – Students life is quite difficult. I mean you are just a person who is growing and experiencing different patterns in your mind that you don’t even know how to manage things in a proper way mentally. Throughout this years, I used to overreact things if it makes me angry or miserable. Because I never knew how to manage those feelings. But now i can proudly say that there are a lot many times I try not to overreact. I have found that giving myself a certain amount of time mentally is all I ever needed. So, managing the situation with a relax mind is not less than considering it as healthy expression.
  • Have a sense of humor – Be a person who is witty. No, I am not saying you entertain every person you know. But atleast be humorous for your own self. Be an entertainer for your own self.
  • Don’t let your problems define you – Considering your problem everything should never be the option. But finding a solution out of it is everything. The way you grasp things mentally is how you react and manages to your life.

 “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I want to change myself – Rumi”

Take the lead towards changing your mindset for the better as not get always trap in the difficult situation. Practice Mental Resilience.

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