Beyond right and wrong, good or bad; there is another way to look at people which is called; difference of opinions. Since childhood we are taught to categorise people in good and bad ,right or wrong; no one has taught us that every individual is unique. What makes people unique is their experiences, their environment, their struggles, their journey. Each one of us is outcome of experiences and choices.

People perceive things as they experience. Example-if a person was bitten by a dog in his childhood , may develop hatred for dogs wherein his sibling might be a pet lover. These experiences, environment makes us what we are today or we can say how we behave to certain situations. Different people see the same situation differently; their behaviour is majorly impacted by unconsciousness (repressed emotions which we sometimes are not aware of), preconscious (awareness that reflects with little trigger), consciousness (what we are completely aware of). It shapes not only your behaviour but also your personality, your insecurities, your dilemma.

Anger, anxiety, depression are not caused in one day, it has some deep routes in our unconscious. Sometimes collective consciousness (like culture, society we live in ) also works in shaping us.

When you see someone ,or hear some recognized voice, you try to recall that who is that someone, sometimes like when you go to some place where you went with your friends in childhood, you recall that; that is preconscious. We all are mystery ourselves and we try to find flaws in others .

We all have scope to make choices and change our today.

What we know is a drop; what we don’t know is an ocean.
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