Every human being on this earth has been sent for a purpose. Finding the best route to complete the journey is known as the travel from Birth to Death. Some people complete this journey by doing best for themselves, which is of course a good thing. But, some are there who grow, by serving the purpose of helping others and making them empowered. These are the rare gems of the planet, who believe that, if God has made them capable, then the benefit of the being potential is not only limited to their activity; but also, it is one of their prime responsibility to serve the one who is needy. We need to appreciate these rare gems and get inspired by their work. Further, the task doesn’t end here. It is necessary to continue this chain of a noble cause to make society a better place to live in.

Now, what will a person achieve by doing service to others? The answer is FREEDOM! How? Let’s try to find this. People say, for doing selfless service, one has to walk on the route of enlightenment and sacrifice, and then only, they can do something for the welfare of mankind. In my opinion, one can do selfless service to humanity by living their normal life of being a household man. But, how’s that possible? The human mind is entangled in their own responsibilities and insecurities in such a way that they never try to go out of that cage. Then how to make this mind work for some cause in which there is no return. It is very simple. Following a few ways can help in getting rid of materialistic things and find the absolute meaning of FREEDOM.

  • Always remember, ‘Freedom is a state of mind over matter; if you mind, it will matter’. Our body will never know the meaning of ultimate happiness and freedom until we make our mind sense the significance of absolute joy. So, let’s try to realize our mind that it is built to serve others, not as a responsibility towards others, but for the sake of own jollity.
  • Whenever you see someone needy and helpless, thank the universe for giving you a better life than them, and feel the privilege to acknowledge that God had taken you as his representative to serve for humanity. In terms of return, obviously, there is no tangible subject to enjoy. But, there are intangible reciprocations in terms of happiness, self-satisfaction, proud and many more.
  • Take pride that you are strong enough to provide happiness to others by rendering your service to them. This act of yours will make a U-turn towards your life and make you smile.

Therefore, don’t enslave yourself in your yuppie thoughts. Instead, try to find happiness by doing the service to mankind and applause yourself with the honour for doing such a noble work. This act of serving others is not only volunteering, but also necessary to make our next generation learn the art of holistic living, and make them perceive the world through that art of living, by serving.

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