Few days ago, we celebrated International Men’s Day

Let’s thank HIS SUPPORT throughout the way.

If someone say “define Men in one way”,

Being a man is accepting responsibilities in all ways.

Whether he is Son, Brother, Husband or Father,

He always helped in getting everything better.

Starting from a
Son, he always woke up with a thought of mischief

As time passed by, he learnt the characters of being a Chief.

Running with a bat behind a ball,

He grew up and became strong like a wall.

Helping mumma in household chore,

He tried to innovate the time of bore.

From assisting papa in projects,

He grew by handling the future prospects.

A son is one of the special gifts made by God,

He is not just a son, but a blessing sent by Angels abroad.

Moving into the character of a Brother,

He will act as your second Father.

He is going to take the stand for you,

Despite of distances, will always be there for your rescue.

Sometimes enemies, sometimes ‘Partners in Crime’

He always supports, in every good and bad time.

He will make you both, laugh and cry,

Yet, will always help your dreams to fly.

About the bond of brotherhood,

It is truly priceless, Touchwood.

Time shifted, and he took the charge of a Husband,

He assured to stand by her side till the end.

The journey which started on the wedding day,

Will blossom the life through all its way.

Connecting from heart and becoming soul mate,

He promised to fulfil every vow that he made.

His friendship is cherished and most valued gift,

Which will make her win from every rift.

Sometimes being mentor, sometimes being friend,

He always cared as her presence was prominent.

Playing the role of a
Father, he would become the Santa Claus.

Standing beside his child every time, he helped in correcting their flaws.

By becoming a father, the happiness he gained,

In any words, it can’t be explained.

Starting from their upbringing to their learning,

He always uplifted them in every new turning.

From being his child’s hero,

He tried to remove all their sorrow.

Sometimes being cool, sometimes being strict,

He made them learn the concept of life brick by brick.

When they grew, he compromised his dreams to fulfil their demand,

Also, taught the discipline of life through his command.

But this time he played the dual role, of being a father and a son both,

Faced new challenges, yet fulfilled every duty as he has taken an oath.

Sometimes, he will not be able to express his love and emotion,

But, he wants his parent’s good health to be as large as an ocean.

The journey continued and he became a

He enjoyed this new designation with utter joy and honour.

His blessings will always be with grandchild even if they are apart,

No matter where he goes, he will always carry them in his heart.

Even if he is truly gone, he will leave his footprints,

To be an inspiration for the one who are going to be his offspring.

The beautiful journey does not end here; let’s congratulate men,

Let’s celebrate the contribution and sacrifices, so as to be followed by the next boy for his journey to begin.

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