The 21 days lockdown in India due to the pandemic has led the citizens to shut themselves from the world, stay indoors and work from home, thus paving way for some family time. Youngsters often find it hard to spend time with their families due to work commitments, the current lockdown certainly bridged a gap between the family and work.  There are already reports of the increase in divorce applications in China and WHO recently reported the spike in the cases of domestic violence in this crisis. 

If you are facing problems with your relationship and you’re questioning it’s staying power, you are not the only one. Every relationship has to travel through the ups and downs of life, but the emergence of lockdown relationships are put under unprecedented pressure. As people are already struggling to cope with the impact of the pandemic on their health, finances, jobs and social connections, the young couples have to now face the new dynamic with 24/7 stream of interactivity often in cramped quarters, feeling the strain and very little opportunity to escape. The lockdown has given rise to new challenges for couples in early relationships and marriages. A few serious questions about the uncertainty about the future and fear of contracting the virus is creating a buzz of anxiety and fear leading to sadness and outbursts. 

With the couple being in distress, it becomes difficult to regulate emotions leading to fights or withdrawal of response much quicker than the normal times. 

Research reveals that an unplanned long-distance relationship or clamping down a budding romance will heap additional stress to the already existing uncertainty in the relationship, often putting a couple face-to-face might end them up in a make or break situations they wouldn’t have otherwise faced in the early stages of their relationship. The youngsters are still in a dilemma to invest in a new relationship, they want an assurance that everything will be okay. The virus has taken that away from most of them just starting something new. 

While some couples are battling with their dilemmas of uncertainty and figuring out ways to cope up with it, the others have directly landed in seeking for divorce in the marriage registration offices of China after a long lockdown. Though China produces nationwide statistics annually, the media has reported the uncoupling during the month of March after the lockdown in the country. This is a matter of concern to most of the couples under the lockdown where they could work out their relationships on better terms to enhance it with a greater degree of communication. 

There are ways that help cope distress and for the couple and a few of them are listed below: 

Help them see what’s happening between them and understand the internal landscape, this would provide a better understanding of vigilance, protest, avoidance and withdrawal between them. 

Change attitudes or reactive responses, by learning the situational triggers or understanding the perception of the other person would make you question your initial perceptions and shift your attitudes in response towards your partner. 

Feel empathetic: Seeing your partner in a new stance would help stimulate empathy towards. Knowing your partner when they are in their reactive stance and are struggling to manage overwhelming feelings piled up inside them can help you shift your view and feel more empathetic.  

Developing deeper connections by risking your vulnerability: If the argument truly matters to you then discuss it with your partner from the place of vulnerability . When both of them risk-sharing vulnerability and being a good listener this would lead to experience a reduction in the frequency of the arguments and also help develop a deeper connection and understanding between the couple. 

This time of uncertainty has put our existence at stake and hence the best one could do is to stay grounded, empathize and understand the nuances of a sudden outburst in-order to support their partner. 


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