You ask me, ‘Now what?’
And I wonder
Well more like, hyperventilate
Cause honestly, what now?
Do I do this or that?
Will this way be best for me or that?
Maybe I should just do what everyone says
Or maybe I should just try the risky thing
But that was still later
What was now?
Cause maybe, now isn’t about that
So, when you asked me, ‘Now what?’
I told you
‘I don’t know’
Because maybe, just maybe
Right now I didn’t need a path to follow or a direction to go to
Maybe, for now, I didn’t want a compass to get around my mind
Maybe right now wasn’t about being able to reach somewhere but letting myself fall down.
Maybe right now wasn’t about getting a sense of assurance but letting myself feel insecure.
I think what now and I realize that maybe right now isn’t about being sorted but having self-doubts.
Maybe right now wasn’t about choosing the choice but about paging down options.
Because no matter what’ll happen, I’ll never know if I never try
I tell you I don’t know because I didn’t know.
And somewhere, instead of fear, there was faith
Faith that they are milestones waiting but not for now. Maybe right now was about exploration and discoveries.
Cause right now, I didn’t want to limit my chances but be limitless.
Cause maybe right now, I was clueless but still excited for my treasure hunt
I’ll admit I’m nervous, heck I’m deep in doubt but
I’ll never truly find myself if I’m too scared to get lost, yeah?
Cause when you asked me what now and I told you I don’t know
There weren’t any regrets.
I’m a white canvas right now, a caterpillar in progress and a person in creation
I don’t know what lies ahead and I don’t know what’ll come or what I won’t be able to get
So, what now?
Now, I go out to know.
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