The premise: This poem personifies the relevance of climate change.

Earth: mother

Children: Homo sapiens

Father: Sun

It is a tentative poetic journey for aiding us to empathize with the abstract concept of climate change through the eyes of the parental role in the present social construct.


Her snap floats a pause

A pause across the world.

She the mother

Mother of them all

Kneeling comes to her children

Sorrow filled eyes

Caressed by her

Now she has winded away.

She, our inner self

Her rune

We shatter

That, our grasp

For death.

Her father’s wrath

Engulfs us all

Our egoistic mortification

Any fathers bearing,

His child’s destruction,

Jolted her soul.

Its bout’ us

Bout her life.

Ought to be,

Obliterated this race.

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