In this world

Living in this world is a person who feels trapped. They feel as if they are drowning. Like they can’t breathe. They don’t want to be like everyone else. They can’t truly be themselves all the time. Being broken was weak.

Living in this world is a person who think they are in charge of another person. They can’t be weak. Always having to stay strong. Breaking apart is a sign of defeat.

Living in this world is a person who only wants money. Their life is ruled by paper.

Living in this world is a person as fake as a glass diamond. Walks around acting as one but truly is another. A liar. A fake friend. They walk around holding a knife that stabs someone in the back.

Living in this world is a person. As a person they mess up.  Their mistakes make them. Their regrets break them and at some point they lose touch with who they are.

Living in this world is you. Is me. We all have a way to who we are. Living day by day just trying to be our selves. We get blinded by money. Blinded by hate. We are fake. Liars. Haters. Back stabbers. A friend. We can be almost anything.

Living in this world is you,  you are the only one in charge of you.

For the first time

For the first time in a long time I feel at peace with myself. Taking a deep breath, as positivity fills my body. I see myself in the mirror watching as I drown my demons for the last time. Accepting the person God created me to become.

For the first time I finally understand the battles I fought day by day. I stopped looking behind me, taking a step forward. Understanding who I am and the reasons I still stand here. The battle with death or living, so close to choosing death. At the end of the day choosing to live instead. Every battle was a lesson I was meant to face. Everything happens for a reason, I was always told.  I look back at the battles that tore me apart. Are the same battles that built my strength. Life will always throw something new our way. More difficult than others. Making you feel tired and stressed. Just always remember there always is a light at the end of the tunnel.

In the mind of others

In the mind of others, one never knows what truly happens. We set ourselves off as carefree. Some trying to throw up a fake image of them. A stronger image to hide the pain locked up inside their mind.

In the mind of others, they keep the memories that hunt them locked in a box. When those memories come out, they start to shut down. Close off what truly matters. Stuck inside their own hell they made. The mind is a dangerous place that made us think something is more than it really is. Even in the darkest they put up a smile to show they aren’t as weak as they are. Trying to make it through another day.

In the mind of others, they live to make a difference in the world. Failure and fear set aside. Fighting off all the things that can make them weak just for a moment.

In the mind of others, one never knows what truly happens.

Under the moonlight

I’m standing in a staircase

Up above me is the moon shining down

The more I look up I see the stars.

For a moment I felt free.

I felt alive,

A smile appeared upon my face.

In the silence of the night,

Everything becomes clear.

A voice says to me

“Do not be afraid!

The world can be a scary place.

Let the world hurt you,

To become who you are.

Tears will fall,

Days may feel too long.

Smile your way though.

Never bottle up what hurt you”.

In that moment everything seemed right.

Under the moonlight,

The world to stand still.

For once I felt calm.

I finally could breathe.

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