Have you found joy in your life? Has your life brought joy to others?

At any given day these will be two million-dollar questions which will make you ponder and introspect. But, if the same question was asked to a four-legged fur baby, you would get a nonstop tail wag as an affirmation to both.

Having a dog is undoubtedly the most beautiful experience one can enrich their lives with. Especially in today’s time, when you wake up every morning with news of deaths, lockdowns, financial losses and corona everywhere. Perhaps, this is the time for inner reflection, spending quality time with loved ones, reading books, developing hobbies, and praying for speedy recoveries for those suffering.

This time made me reflect how my life has changed for good ever since we got the two now-not-so-little fur babies in my life – Coco and Luka ( two handsome Chow Chows).

Some visible changes and moments where I have surprised myself are :

  1. Post work I feel like rushing home to play with Coco and Luka, to take them out for their long-awaited walk for which they have been eagerly waiting.
  2. Now I know all the major pet shops, dog biscuit & chicken stick brands as that’s what I shop most of the time.
  3. Business trips have been shortened / curtailed to prioritize my time.
  4. I have become calmer, more loving, more giving and happier in my life.
  5. My entire building and the neighbouring building knows me as Chow Chow dad and not as Kunal.
  6. They have a separate room with an attached toilet for themselves exclusively because they are equal to us.
  7. My phone book is full of dog trainers, pet food shops, nothing but quality chicken and all the possible poultry shops around and far.
  8. I am a chicken fan yet there are days when I find myself sacrificing my portion for them just to see that happy look on their face.

All the above little things, yes, little beautiful sweet nothings resulted in the same beautiful ‘nonstop kissing, licking, happy greets with a wagging tail’. Before you get a dog, you can’t quite imagine what living with one might be like; and afterward, you can’t imagine living any other way.

With them, every day is a new adventure full of excitement, emotions and ecstasy.  Although me and my wife Mamta, are still at Level 1 to understand their language of love, every day we learn a new word, a new expression, a new growl, and a new kiss. After a year of having Coco and Luka, we know them. The meaning of their snuffs and grunts and barks. Every twitch of the ears is a question or statement, every wag of the tail is an exclamation.

Dogs can teach us plentiful

There are also some amazing life lessons you can learn from your dog.

  1. Be mindful / live in the present: Dogs are true masters in the art of mindfulness, and they can inspire us to take in each moment completely as well.
  2. Express gratitude : Dogs remind us that even though something may be routine, we should always take time to appreciate that it’s a part of our lives.
  3. Leave the past in the past : Dogs aren’t bitter or angry about what has happened. They leave the past in the past and lead a happy life each day.
  4. Love unconditionally : For dogs it’s not about who loves who more or who does what for whom, it’s just love for love’s sake. And it’s so freeing!
  5. Have faith in abundance : They don’t get discouraged when the thing that they want doesn’t manifest. They instantly start again, like a fresh day.
  6. Always be ready for an adventure : Humans hesitate whenever they’re forced to do something with uncertain variables or unknown outcomes. Dogs on the other hand are always looking forward to new things.
  7. Never judge anyone : Dogs don’t judge people based on the colour of their skin, their sexual orientation, their gender or any such meaningless variable.

Simply put, dogs are love, dogs are friends and dogs are your wellness, your happiness! The only love which you will keep forever is the love you have given away, and the love you got selflessly. In the end we all just want someone who chooses us, over everyone and everything else, under any circumstances. And that’s exactly what dogs do, they choose us and become the reason for our shine and glow!

Get a dog today, if you don’t have one already!

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