Smile – The Most Beautiful Curve

Smile – A five-letter word which holds so much! But we all have become so engrossed with our schedules and busy lifestyle that somewhere along the way we have lost our smile and laughter. Do you remember when you smiled with happiness or gratitude? Do you remember when you became a reason for someone else’s smile and happiness? And, do you remember when you smiled for no reason at all!

Smile is a beautiful curve that can straighten many things.  It is the most powerful countenance we all are blessed with. It can help in starting a conversation amid strangers. It can end fiery wiles or rage. It can place ego of individuals apart. A small curve can mend long-standing hatreds among friends or people simply by acting like a bridge.

A wonderful curve, which can flatten many things that even many keen and intellectual people easily fail to do. A powerful weapon which can make many difficult things easy, whether you are at a receiving or a giving end. There is a saying that “you are never fully dressed without a smile”. A happy face is always full of charisma and warmth which welcomes the life with an open heart.

We should keep smiling because life is a beautiful journey and there is so much to smile about.  We should also think to never undervalue the importance of having a person in our lives who can always try their best to make us happy by bringing out the finest in us as such people who care for us are rare in the world.

When we are surrounded by difficult situations, we should always follow a mantra to worry less and smile through the hard times, though if it doesn’t seem like to get any better, we should never regret about anything in life, just learn from hard times and move on with a cheerful face as it is the foremost step to fix things.

Always try to become a reason for someone’s happiness through the way or support they need, as it might be the gesture or help from your end but it can resolve the circumstances for someone in need. We can only  bring change in the world by spreading happiness and love.  A  smile cost nothing but gives much. So, DON’T FORGET TO SMILE😊😊

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