Since I’m spending most of my time at home for the past 4 months due to the pandemic, my priorities have taken a steep -turn. Earlier, I used to dedicate 7 to 8 hours of my life everyday for college and my activities after-college also used to be somehow related to college like doing homework, thinking what dress, hairstyle to wear for college, lunch to eat during lunch time. Literally my focus was 70-80% college and 20-30% for household chores. These statistics don’t matter anymore cause it has been turned upside down, thank you pandemic!

Even during this time too, I thought I was happy until I saw the pic from my friend on instagram. (food porn alert!)

She posted a picture of delicious crunchy panipuri/golgappa. And the other pic of her enjoying it of course!  When I was trying to dig deeper into her previous posts (not stalking), I noticed that she had created  a separate bunch of posts truly dedicated what she calls the #quarantinediaries. From the infamous Dalgona coffee to Chinese Manchuria, she was on a make,eat and post on insta spree. In addition to that, she was tagging some of her friends in those stories so that they can see it personally and never miss it.

She was not the only person on social media platforms to do this. Most of us are not aware of the consequences of such deeds/acts caused to others on social media platforms indirectly. ‘I also want to go to some fancy bar and enjoy good food like this girl.’ It’s not even about the food and places, these platforms are invading into personal lives and making us feel like we have to be something happening in town. Some widely popular activities include going to a nice, big bars and hotels, raising a dog/cat,  travel blogs and so on. And it’s not just about an activity, it’s also the skills you possess like singing, dancing, acting, yoga and exercising, painting, makeup and most importantly to how you present yourself or your art to others to garner more views and likes. And this has increased manifold during the pandemic time worldwide because of that extra time we have, been dedicated to our mobiles. That means our one pic or video has more attention now than before.

And this is just one side of it. With rising apprehension about our future related to the pandemic, we are also scrolling through more news content and websites with a detailed attention. ‘Shouldn’t we even read news stories now?’ you  might ask. You can definitely by not compromising authenticity and credibility of the source and/or the information itself. It gets worse when it is forwarded to other person.

To sum it up again, I have written down two major problems of social media, One, posting content without realizing its consequences and Two, believing content which is posted without having a check on its reliabilty. What are the plausible, most heard solutions? Before that, let me explain myself again, I’m not against people/ websites who post content. I’m also not against you subscribing to newsfeed either. People have the liberty to post whatever they feel like which makes them happy. But it should not be at the cost of others or for the persona profit of getting more likes or subscribers. My suggestion to the set of people who are facing the first problem is, You’re good at your own pace and style. Don’t get affected by others and feel discontent about yourself. I know it’s not easy to walk the talk, atleast give it a try and let it go. My suggestion to the second set of people is you can personally take the interest to make sure that the information is correct without affecting anyone in the picture. That’s it from me for now. Thanks for reading!

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