As a scientist, I often vie for three entities, viz. Collaboration, Convergence and Consistency.  Each of these words has an inimitable relation with other.  While many researchers including me find the latter two reachable, seldom do we bring the Collaboration to practice as it needs multi-faceted efforts.  I think Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has given an answer for it.   I feel all researchers and non-researchers have joined together to fight against this pandemic. Many people have come together delivering products during these tough times.  I would like to give a narrative on the lessons; we should during COVID times which otherwise we have ingeniously harnessed during the pre-COVID (or unCOVID) times.   

Collaboration is a multi-faceted order which exploits the growth of an individual or organization where consilience is the need of the hour in the present crisis of COVID.  The subtlety of this could be measured based on expanding the horizons of collaborations to a larger group, for example sociology, humanities etc.   It is time; we vow for bringing best practices across disciplines, educate each other and importantly pass on the baton to the next generation.  This is because, COVID has given us a sturdy challenge for us not only to become a tad human but also be vigorous in determining the chattels of this process. In a nutshell, collaboration is required to understand the nature of consilience.

Convergence comes as an output of collaboration and how we perceive it. During collaborations, we would often disagree in an agreeable way, and yet make a union of intersection on how best we can work together.   The best example, one could see from COVID is the wonderful collaborations, innovations bringing to practice and several people making a convergence to work against the contagion.The beauty of this could be, for example when these Cs meet Gestaltism.

Consistency:  The collaboration and convergence would be a precept for consistency, which would bring two other Cs, continuity and credibility to the fore.  COVID-19 has brought us together and what all we need is to bring three Cs to practice. Together we can.
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