Inside you,

You are fighting a battle.

You don’t need to fight another one outside.

The world will judge you,

But don’t let them affect you.

You are fine, strong,

You will always be.

Don’t believe in their definition

Of being fine.

—”Mental Health Matters”


When everything is falling down,

Take a pause and

Look back at your life,

And tell yourself,

“You haven’t survived all those

To give up now and lose”.

—”Take A Pause”


It takes colossal courage

To be the real you

To the world.

It also takes immense intrepidity

To hide the real you

From the world.

Either way you are strong.

Don’t believe in their definition of bravery.

—”Believe In Yourself”



Cry your heart out.

That is

How healing starts.



Keep your soul in peace.

—”The Foremost Task”


I am a deciduous maple

Growing on in this tropical land.

I might not be evergreen,

But I get my green back

Over and over again.

—”A Maple Tree”


Life is all about learning –

Learning how to bloom

Like a daffodil,

When your life is

Like the arid Namib.



Even when I am

On the edge of hope,

And environed by darkness,

I dream of a future,

A buoyant, blissful, fulgent future.



The night comes with its riddles

When the sun is gone.

But I keep waiting

Until the moon hides itself.

Only then, I meet myself.

—”Do Meet Yourself”

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