Holi basil or more popularly known as – Tulsi, is an herb referred as the ‘queen of herbs’. No wonder then, where there is a Hindu home, there is Tulsi!

Tulsi has the super power of sharpen the memory – few drops of tulsi with honey act as great nerve tonic. Because all parts of the tulsi plant act as an adaptogen i.e. aid with the issues of anxiety and stress; Tulsi tea or kadha (2 servings a day) is a great way to reduce stress – whether physical or emotional.  

It also gives strength to the whole body, reduces risk of cancer and heart diseases, boosts immunity and prevents many diseases like malaria, dengue, influenza, UTI, kidney diseases, and last but not the least prevents premature aging.

So, add these tremendous tulsi leaves to your freshly brewed cup of tea or eat them raw.


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