Does coffee ensure a healthy lifestyle?

We all have craving for some or the other thing(s) in this world. When having thoughts on a drink, many are fond of having tea. Fortunately, an equal or increased proportion of coffee lovers also exist.

Studies revealed that it is because of the caffeine content in the coffee that makes individuals addicted to coffee. Caffeine helps one connect with others as well as fuels one’s day.

However, many researchers argue that (excess) coffee is harmful in the following ways:

  • Absent nutritional value
  • Anxiety
  • Drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations
  • Irritability

Additionally, excess intake of coffee daily can develop and increase a tolerance to the substance. This affects factors such as body mass, age and so on, thus causing additional problems of headaches, migraines, upset stomach, irregular digestion, increase in urination right after consuming coffee, irregular heart rhythms, hypertension and much more.

Ways to make your coffee healthy and tasty

Something vital to realize is that when coffee becomes a habit it has a real impact on one’s brain and it could change one’s brain in fascinating ways provide coffee intake is in the right amounts at the right times. Consider the following in your coffee routine:

  • Add a dash of cocoa powder
  • Considering adding cinnamon
  • Add full-fat cream to the coffee rather than using low-fat and/or artificial creamers
  • Avoid loading coffee with too much sugar
  • Avoid drinking coffee too much
  • Use a paper filter to brew the coffee
  • Cancel off coffee intake after late noon from your diet plan
  • Be conscious of the brand quality, preferably if it is organic
 Perks of Coffee intake

An incredibly healthy beverage, coffee beans contains thousands of compounds and antioxidants that play a powerful role in boosting brain functions in the short run such as the following:

  • Various changes in many neurotransmitters improve the functioning of different areas of the brain including attention, mood, vigilance, reaction time and learning.
  • Improves the capacity of memory and performance on memory tasks definitely in the short term if not necessarily in the long term.
  • Coffees are the best partner for those people who are undergoing depression or loneliness. Drinking 4 cups of coffee per day has proved to cause some magical mental wiring that lets one feel better and increases their quality of life.
  • The required amount of coffee intake energises and keep the mind awake which counteracts the feelings of tiredness or fatigue thus, making one smarter.
  • Coffee has proven to boost one’s metabolic rate and break down body fat, which is considered beneficial by all especially, for those who are obese.
  • When experiencing stressful routines, coffee ignites the brain receptors that help one stay alert and switch to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Coffee is viewed as a significant solution that lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes by reducing the elevating blood sugar levels or reduce the secretion of the insulin responsible for it.
  • Moderate coffee consumptions are linked to the reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 65%. Additionally, coffee intake has been found to prevent the risk of Parkinson’s disease as the caffeine in the coffee appears to act as an active ingredient with protective effects.

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