Mindful parenting is all about raising a child with emotional, social, mental, physical and intellectual development. Through this article, I am sharing a few tips for a child’s physical and mental well-being.

A journey of parenthood starts with planning for the baby. Detoxification before one month of planning to conceive is very important for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Consult your doctor for any vitamins and nutrition check. Superfoods like nuts, seeds, herbs, vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, pea and lentils and eggs yellow are a rich source of choline. Choline, which is similar to B vitamins is an important nutrient for the brain and nervous system which needs to regulate memory, mood, muscle control and other functions and plays important role in a child’s growth.

Vitamin D deficiency is incredibly common in kids nowadays due to less exposure to the sun. Symptoms are low energy levels, dry skin, weak bones, excess sweating, weak eyesight and anxiety.

Folate B12, iron, zinc, omega 3 fatty acid and vitamin C also plays an important role in mental and physical growth. To overcome nutrients deficiency, healthy fats, protein, complex carbs, minerals and vitamin intake is very important. Parents should involve their child in kitchen activities to cultivate healthy food habits.

Too much processed and junk food, fizzy drinks can harm not only kid’s growth but also harm their brain and it causes aggressions, depression and stress. It is parents’ responsibility to educate and promote the goodness of home-cooked food.

Nowadays parents are more aware of child development. They feed them all kind of superfood and nutritious food but do check that your child can digest that food and absorb the nutrients. If they are suffering from any acute diseases then try to fix their digestion first. Weak digestion leads to many diseases.

Peaceful sleep is also very important for their growth. Too much sugar intake in the dinner gives more energy hence kids are unable to sleep on time. Try to lower your child’s stress levels by giving an oil massage. Outdoor activities like cycling, swimming etc. boost endorphins (happy hormone) levels which also reduce stress and anxiety while increasing the self-esteem and creativity of kids.

These are simple, easy to follow measures that parents can use mindfully while helping their children develop healthy eating habits and consequently improve their relationship with food.


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