There isn’t anyone better to love than you. It’s time to love yourself! Follow these tips and indulge in these foods for self-love.

1. Chocolate Strawberries
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What is more romantic than chocolate strawberries? Gorging on these treats is the best way of loving yourself!

2. Tea, coffee – or whatever’s your thing!
person holding mug beside flowers

A drink you love is the perfect way of relaxing.
Eat what you love – not what you hate.

3. Comfort food
pizza with berries

Pizza, pasta, noodles – whatever it is, it’s meant to make you feel comfy! Being comfortable also improves your mood – and helps you love yourself.

4. A real meal
dessert food on plate

Let’s face it. Have you eaten while cooking? Or cold leftovers? Or not eaten at all? That’s horrible for self-love. Eat a real meal after you cook it.

5. Something for your sweet tooth
assorted-color candies on container

Don’t ever worry if you cheat on your diet once in a while and have a brownie. That’s good. Following your diet will make you tired of having healthy food.

So add the love to your meals!
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