Success is not a destination to be achieved, it is a journey to go ahead, and this journey is largely equivalent to that of a roller-coaster ride. Sometimes, life is a ‘bed full of roses’ and sometimes it can be a ‘road of thrones’. What keeps the journey moving on is the power of self-control.

In simple words, it is the concept of not only teaching but also preaching the words I CAN DO IT. Sounds easy, but can be difficult without proper guidance. It is done by removing the unwanted parts like the sculptor who brings out what is inside the rock. When we are born, we are exposed and influenced and by the age of 6, our habits are formed. Making a rectification in these habits can help us reach our goal.

The following can become a road map on the journey:
  • Awareness is the key to open life’s vast possibilities. There is a Sanskrit saying: “Muhurtham Jwalitham Sreyo Na Tu Dhumayitam Chiram.” It means that it is better to flash forth once in your lifetime than smoke away for ages.
  • Always go with the flow because going against the current is a sign of emotional & intellectual weakness. Earl Nightingale said: “Bend with the wind; you will be around when the hurricane passes & the good weather returns.”
  • We talk about Progress Reports from the school, colleges or The Boss but it should be actually from inside. You must be able to accept the rewards & consequences of your own behaviour. Winners dwell on the rewards of success; losers focus on the penalties of failure. Accept the best, plan for the worst & be prepared for the surprise.
  • Life is to be shared. It is said that: “Wisdom is a relaxed state of being; wisdom is not the knowledge or information; it is an inner aspect.” Be full of light; it is your birthright.
  • It is easy to get into a rut; to get out of it you have to get out of your comfort zone. Engage in new activities & eliminate comfort & complacency i.e. doing the same routine things again & again. A person went to a wise man & asked how he should deal with the enemy? The wise man replied: “Your enemy is the anger; subdue it & you will be like all other wise men!”
  • Last but not the least, it is fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lesson of failure.
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