The idea of the basic necessity of life has changed from ‘Food, Shelter, Clothing’ to “Food, Shelter, Clothing & Education”. Our education system taught us how to earn a living; but unfortunately, never taught “HOW TO LIVE”. One might gain intelligence & knowledge to fight with the competencies of the world, but it is also important to have sound behavioural and cognitive traits. Therefore, it is necessary to know the concept of LIFE MANAGEMENT.

The 4 parameters on which life management can be defined are:

  • Positive approach
  • Self-discipline
  • Thoughts filled with a certain vision
  • NO PAIN, NO GAIN, i.e., to achieve something good in future & to retain it for an entire life, one should get out from their comfort zone & identify their potential.

If you ask someone, why they go to work; the answer will be- to earn MONEY. But if you ask them, what they want to achieve in life; the response will be- HAPPINESS. Hence, the ultimate goal is to live happily, doesn’t bother how that happiness is achieved, by money, power or position.

So, it is essential to integrate the ideas of HOW TO EARN & HOW TO LIVE?

Life management revolves around the concept-‘Where one is today & where he wants to see himself tomorrow’. These types of people don’t live in their dreams; rather they make every possible effort to convert their dreams into reality. Then, again the question arises- What is the goal? The answer might be- GOAL IS A DREAM THAT NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED WITHIN A TIME PERIOD. ALSO, THIS HAS A DEFINITE PLAN OF ACTION. A goal can never be open-ended. They exhibit the property of being close-ended; a starting date & a deadline.

A time ago, research was conducted, which concluded that only 3% of people have their goals destined, rest just see the dreams, and then how will they reach their terminus?

These 5 life management techniques can help you a bit better-

  • Family: It is the utmost important part of life- or one can say the meaning of life is equivalent to family. This is because all of us, what we are doing, is because of the family only. Of course, we all, want to have exclusive designer clothes in our wardrobe or want to park a luxurious car in our porch, but all these are secondary; the ultimate happiness is achieved by sitting, laughing & enjoying our together moments. So, doesn’t matter, how busy schedule you are going through; MAKE TIME FOR FAMILY.
  • Physical health: Maintain sound health, which in turn, will contribute towards good appearance & personality; of course, the need of the hour.
  • Mental ability: Always involve yourself in tasks & practices which enhances the mental ability & strength. Have active participation in events around you.
  • Social life: Human being cannot live alone. Have warm relations with friends, colleagues & comrades.
  • Spirituality: Science and spirituality are complements to each other. Though we are living in an era of technology, we should not forget our values & ethics. There is always a moral compass which keeps the life on track.
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