Dogs are termed “man’s best friend” and rightly so. Dogs, over the years, have contributed greatly towards the development of the human race.  As a dog lover myself there have been a number of ways that my dog has contributed to my life that has only made it better.

We hear a number of stories that show just how affectionate dogs are. We have all heard the heart-breaking story of Hachiko who waited 9 years for his deceased master at the train station. Even the most recent story where a dog stayed with his 6-year-old owner to keep her warm and later lead the grandmother to her so she could be safely rescued is so heart-warming.

This article is thus, dedicated to show how warm-hearted dogs can be.

Service Dogs

We all know the best way that dogs have contributed to human kind is their job as guide dogs. Dogs being one of the smartest animals, help guide the blind and those with disabilities. They are trained to steer their owners around obstacles and perform simple tasks for them. They are trained to recognise health emergencies and even give emotional support in case of a nervous breakdown or panic attack.

The services provided by these dogs improve the standard of life drastically for those with disabilities and even protect them in difficult situations.

Sniffer Dogs

Dogs are not just employed for civilians but also employed by the police and military. The dog’s sense of smell is unparalleled, they save lives by sniffing out bombs and even find missing people with the help of their sense of smell.

Sniffer dogs are also employed by doctors to sniff out diseases. Research has shown that dogs are capable of sniffing out individuals suffering from cancer and the recent pandemic also has scientists training dogs to learn the smell of COVID- 19 patients.

Therapy Dogs

Years of research has shown that pets in general, especially dogs, can play a very important in reducing stress, anxiety, cope with depression and recognising people who might experience a sudden nervous breakdown. Dogs have been termed as one of the best animals to be trained as therapy animals because of their intelligence and their ability to recognise multiple forms of emotions. Their ability to provide unconditional love and support in any given situation is just an added bonus.

Multiple funeral homes employ therapy dogs to help grieving families to cope with the pain of losing a loved one. For that matter even Vet hospitals employ therapy dogs to comfort other dogs and pets as they undergo medical procedure.


The best and most popular role that the dog plays is that of human’s best friend. As having a dog, myself I can vouch for what beautiful animals they are and the love they provide is truly unconditional.

If we were to look at the benefits of having a dog as a pet through a scientific lens there are multiple benefits. Dogs, pets in general, have shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Research has also shown that having a pet dog has shown to develop and nurture responsibility in children.

Modern offices also adopt dogs to raise the office moral. Workers are also sometimes encouraged to bring pets to the offices on particular days since they help reduce stress and increase positivity.

As wonderful a pet dogs make, a fact that often stings all pet parents is their relatively shorter lifespan. For many families, dogs often aren’t just a pet, they are a valued member and just like the loss of any family member their loss is grieved as well.

The Story of an Indie Dog

What inspired me to write this post in the first place was an indie dog that we had adopted a few years ago. His relationship with our family started with him taking shelter in our house on a rainy day and in a matter of days he had become the office pet who protected the residence from other strays who came to raid our trash bins. He was loving called Chalapati by our office staff who named after the street we lived on.

The office workers adopted the dog as their own and he practically became a member of the office. He waddled in and out of the office like it was his own and this sight had become the new normal for all the staff members. The way he won over even the most serious of office workers truly was a sight to see.

A day came when the office had to shift locations and the only thing on all their mind was how they could take Chalapati along with them. That sweet stray dog without any hesitation got on the moving truck to move to this new location. The love and rapport he had developed with all the workers allowed him to put complete faith in them.

It was only a week ago that an unfortunate fall down the stairs paralysed him. The office boys, even during the pandemic, moved from one vet to another to make sure they did everything to help him. After undergoing treatment for a week and no success of improvement he had to be put down on the 4th of July. The pain of losing their pet affected all the members of the office.

This story is just one of many stories that highlights how capable dogs are of building a connection with just about anybody. They can grow on even the most stubborn person. Irrespective of whether the dog is pedigreed, a mongrel, a small dog or a big one a dog truly completes a family. In this case it was a small company. The love and support that they give truly transcends the divide of language. The writing may translate how much these creatures give to humans but no words can translate the unconditional love and trust that they are capable of giving humans.

For anyone who has a pet knows that in difficult situations people often turn to their pets for comfort. And as this post may highlight, we look to dogs to serve and fulfil multiple different tasks. When they finally have to leave and cross the rainbow bridge all you are left with is the gratitude of having had them in your life and the hope that you will get to meet them again on the other side.

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