‘Power’ is a topic that has always intrigued me – beyond traditional definitions and connotations; I see power as energy, an inner motivation – to express oneself, let our best selves shine through, and have an impact on the world.

Power unfolds in the big and small behaviors we display – how we present ourselves, speak our mind, engage in debate, maintain composure in the face of conflict, etc.

It is important to know that what underpins these behaviors is our belief system – about our capabilities, qualities, and how we conceptualize our place in the world.

Some of our beliefs don’t serve us well, they make us feel less ‘powerful’, and it is these very beliefs that need to be examined.

The info-graphic titled “Do you give away your power” is meant to be a ‘thought-starter’, to provoke you to think of the behaviors that diminish your experience of power in interpersonal situations.

It invites you to reflect on your beliefs as well as your self-talk that impacts your response to situations.


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