When I was in my teenage, physical attraction was the superior of all. At that tender age, we all get attracted to someone’s physique. But as time passed by, I found physical attraction to be a mere deception of the eye. Rather, there exists a deeper emotional connection that focuses on personality than on physique. This is where the concept of emotional attraction comes. Sometimes it is the least understood, but it creates a long-lasting impact on someone’s mind.

According to psychologists, emotional attraction is one of the four types of attraction, along with health, status and logic-based attraction. It is the most enigmatic yet the most tempting one. Though emotional attractiveness is a concept of psychology, still there are science-backed habits, which when practised will help an individual to learn the art of being emotionally attractive towards their peers, and loved ones.

1.      They are convenient with the usage of ‘NO’.

‘Ever felt attraction towards someone who has the courage to say NO?’

Research suggests that we desire to have boundaries in our relationships. That doesn’t mean we should get attracted to someone who is hard to convince, but rather people are so confident in their own limits that they don’t compromise to give you anything you want. When a person will say what they mean and mean what they say, without being mean when they say it, are the ones who can be trusted. An emotionally attractive individual has the courage to speak up for what is okay with them and what’s not. So don’t betray your own boundaries to please people. Be convenient to use NO when you literally feel it.

2.      They believe in giving ‘Space’.

Like the way emotionally attracted people say NO and respect their own opinion, they are very open at giving ‘space’ to someone else as well. Being present is necessary in a relationship, but at times, the other one just wants their own space. You should let your partner know that you are there when they need you. It is also recommended to make your partner understand that you will not mind if they are happy in their own ‘Me Time’. Giving space implies that you believe in giving self-security. So, sometimes letting go is a habit of an emotionally attractive person.

3.      They say ‘NO’ to negative gossip. 

Think twice before you open your mouth. It is good to share opinions with your friends and peers, but involving yourself in gossip where you insult or demean someone is not a good choice. Not all gossip is bad, it is an essential social skill, but only when it is neutral or positive. Those individuals who often do negative gossip for personal gain are the ones who is more suspicious and distrusted by society. When you do negative gossip, the person you’re talking to will begin to think if you do it about them, too.

Emotionally attractive people are the sources of positivity. They never share details for personal gain or exaggerate when they speak. Therefore, if you are a person who likes to talk, involve yourself in healthy discussions about any particular topic.

4.      They maintain the habit of punctuality.

Not only in personal relationships, but punctuality is also something that creates a healthy image in every relationship. Whether it be your profession or in your friend circle or your loved one, being punctual towards someone shows that you respect your time. That doesn’t mean if you are late for once, things will work against you, but you should not make a habit of being late, otherwise, it will take a toll on your relationship. Therefore, be punctual; respect your time and others as well.

5.      They try to remember every small detail about their loved ones.

From the very childhood, it is being taught to be a ‘good listener’. Many times, people engage in conversations with the intention of saying their own agenda. In such a situation, you are not attentive to what the front person is saying. Such an act creates an image of ‘self-obsession’. It will sound you to be mean and least attentive towards others words.

Emotionally attractive people try to show attention towards others by listening to them carefully and mindfully. The best way to remember someone’s details is to recall what you have heard the entire day, just before going to bed; and bring the subject back when you head to a conversation again with the same person. It will make them feel that you gave importance to their opinions and thoughts.

6. They never see their phone in important conversations. 

In today’s era, smartphones are becoming a part of our soul. It is extremely hard to ignore the screen when the notification pings up. Research shows, on average, we check our phones every ten minutes. Such behaviour shows that you are self-centred in your own world and is least bothered about what the other person is saying.

Emotionally attractive people will invest their complete and undivided attention when they spend time with their loved ones. It doesn’t imply that you have to keep your phone off or you need to delete all your apps. The only thing you have to do is put off the notifications for a particular duration when you are with someone special.

7.      They keep small promises. 

Making numerous heavenly promises and keeping not a single of them is not a good choice. When we say we will do something, it creates a level of trust that someone can rely on our words and relax. It borrows an emotional deposit from that person. In such a case, they do not want to endanger that deposit.

You don’t have to make huge commitments to be emotionally attractive. Just keep your words and perform the event, whether it is as materialistic as picking up bread from the store or it is an honest opinion that you like that outfit or not. Be humble and honest in keeping your promises. 

It is very difficult to point which specific attribute can make a person emotionally attractive. But making a change in some interpersonal qualities can help you in achieving the goal. Drive into the concept of psychology and practice these basic habits which rely on trust, respect and understanding, to become more magnetic and emotionally attractive.

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