Sisterhood is an extremely important and almost auspicious bond between two or more girls. The dictionary definition of the word is, the relationship between sisters or a community of women connected by a common religion, trade and opinion. Every girl at some point, or multiple points, in their lives have been grateful for the bond they have with their sister. Those who don’t have a sister have at some point dreamt of having an older or younger sister. It doesn’t matter if it is sister by birth, a step sister or a sisterhood that grew out of a friendship, having a sister is an absolute boon.

The sisterly bond in itself may be complicated one, it comes with its own troubles like any other relationship. But the value of the relationship is much higher than the complexities it can come with. When it comes to parents and a child it is a defined relationship, on the other hand when it comes to siblings it develops overtime. In the beginning it maybe a defined by the parents but at the end of the day it is the siblings that define how the relationship pans out over time.

So, for this particular post we are going to explore this relationship of sisterly bond and how developing this bond can really help make life a whole lot better.

Types of sisters:

Before we understand how a sisterhood develops it is important to acknowledge that their multiple ways the relationship can begin.

  • The biological sister- As the name already suggests, these are sisters that are biologically related. They are the ones you didn’t choose but most likely glad that you have them. They are your “growing up” partners and every time you get in trouble with your parents, they have your back. But if you guys are in a fight, they are also the ones who are most likely to rat you out. But no matter what they are your first best friend and a best friend who will never leave your side irrespective of how far you are from each other.
  • The cousin- They are the substitute biological sister if you don’t have a sister from the same parents or if you are in a fight with them. These are the sisters that you might meet not that often if you live in different cities but they are also the sisters that most likely play the role of a best friend as well. Having family members in common and similar backgrounds make them the perfect best friend substitute cause the gossip sessions include people both of you know.
  • The best friend sister- These are the sisters that have been promoted from friend to best friend to sister. They might not be biologically related but they are definitely the ones that you know you can count on when you need them and they are practically considered family.
  • Sisters by law- This is probably every girl’s dream who happens to have only brothers around her. There is a hope that when they get married, she gets the sister she probably dreamed of.

Every sisterhood is beautiful in its own way. The support of a sister is important for every woman because the support a sister can give is irreplaceable, the relationship itself is irreplaceable.

A Sister in Need, is a Sister Indeed

This is a common phrase that we hear everywhere, although the wording may be slightly altered the phrase holds true. A sister’s love after a heart break is the perfect kind of medicine. It doesn’t matter if the heartbreak is a result of a failed relationship, a fight with a parent or just a bad day. They are always there when you need them. I remember days when I felt low and frustrated and my sister was the first person I called because she knew exactly what to say to make me feel better. It doesn’t matter where she was or what she was doing, she always has time for me when I really needed her.

This doesn’t necessarily only hold true for sisters of birth it can hold true for all kinds of sisterhoods. Anyone woman who has faced any type of hardships or wants someone to celebrate with them on a good day always turn first towards their best friend.

A sister wallows with you, celebrates with you and celebrates for you. They are always by your side under every circumstance.

Fights never last

Fighting with someone you are close to is always hard, especially your sister. Usually when you do get in a fight with someone it is them you turn to. So, one can figure how a fight with a sister can be especially difficult. Although a pro is that a fight with your sister can never last. For anyone who has a sister or a sibling at home know that after a point you just end up acting like the fight never happened or you mother forces you to apologise to each other. Either way the fight never usually lasts more than 24 hours.

The need for each other often transcends pride of wanting to win the fight. The relationship is often very important to both the parties that the need to prolong the fight seems to do more harm than good.


The last factor that makes the sisterly bond so special is the understanding they have between each other. Growing up with one another does that, there is a perfect understanding of each other’s personality and how the other will react in any given situation. Yes, it takes time to develop the understanding but once you do there is a certain “sync” in the relationship.

Building a relationship, any relationship, is a beautiful thing. Building a relationship of sisterhood is especially beautiful. A sisterhood can be built or born but they guarantee a partner for life. Every form of it is unique, special and important in its own way. Research that having a siter or the sisterly bond helps boost mental health. For women all over the world a sisterhood can help serve as a foundation to help them grow and adjust to any strife that they may face in life.

Research has also shown that a growing up with a sister as a sibling can help develop communication skills such as negotiation, social skills and compromise. Even conflict between sisters can promotes healthy development in children.

This post has been a little inclined towards the relationship I share with my own sister. My sister is my best friend, my first best friend for that matter. She taught me how to share, how be understanding and how to be a friend. She has always been there for me just the way that I plan to be for her.

“Once a woman finds sisterhood, there is nothing stronger.” – Zoe Kravitz

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