“During these challenging times of Covid-19, each one of us is finding our own ways to emotionally and mentally cope with the uncertainty and lingering sense of fear all around. This series of artwork was my way of creating art pieces with ‘word qualities’ that brought forth positivity and healing. I was looking for ‘qualities’ that needed no external source, but rather came from ‘within’.  In the time of social isolation, I felt it would help me and others find powers to cope within ourselves, rather than support that came from outside.”

“I began the series with a piece named ‘Gratitude’. This to me was the most important ‘word quality’, that brought with it an inner strength and resilience.”

“‘Faith’ was the next word, which helped me feel a deep sense of letting go and acceptance towards dealing with the situation at hand.”

“Peace, joy and compassion were qualities that were rooted in our very being, which we just needed to harness and embrace to find eternal well-being and ease within.”

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